A Cat In Wolf’s Clothing*

“Are you free?” A message comes through.  From my Seb, of course.

“Yes,” I say.  “Call the flat.”  I’m just home from the office.  

The phone rings.

“Hello my darling,” I say.

“Hello,” he says, in his mellifluous drawl.  He has the richest timbre to his voice.

“I’m glad it’s you,” I say, turning the vegetables in my omelette pan.  Today’s omelette vegetables are asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli and mushrooms.

“How was your day?” He says.

“Oh, it was OK,” I say.  “You?”

“I’m still at my Mum’s,” he says.  “My brother’s here.”

“Cuddle to all the pets,” I say.  “Particularly to my favourite cat person.”  My fluffy monster’s uncle, that is.  A huge fluffy Ragdoll cat with blue eyes and a warm, affectionate personality.

“I’ve already cuddled him from you,” Seb says.  “You’ve made me see him in a different light: now I can see what a great person he is.”

“Good,” I say.  

“Always found him a bit difficult before,” he says.  “And…”

“That’s because his sister is your favourite,” I say.  She is the mother of my fluffy monster.

“She demands attention,” Seb says.  “Gets aggressive if she doesn’t get a prawn immediately.  He’s such a loving calm cat.”

Like me, I think.  He reminds me of me.  But I don’t say it.

“What are you doing?” He says.

“Just making my omelette,” I say, pouring the eggs in.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” he says.

“Love to the family,” I say.

“Goodnight darling,” he says.

Love that boy.

Attached photo is the fluffy monster.  Miss him.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2012.  By Lydia Adamson.  “A cat, a mouse and two corpses equal a menagerie of murder for actress turned cat-sitting sleuth Alice Nestleton.”


8 thoughts on “A Cat In Wolf’s Clothing*

  1. Male ragdolls are the best (as an owner of both male and female) Mine is bigger, fluffier, calmer and considerably more majestic than the female. They are very sensitive to their owners needs. When I came home from hospital, totally wiped out from side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy they just knew how I felt and both would fuss around me and snuggle up to me when I’d lie on the sofa.
    I think you need to insist that either the fluffy monster or his uncle moves in with you.

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