Wild Goose Chase*

“The thing is,” I say to Mum as we stand in the kitchen, “I’m so hot all the time: I’m burning up inside.”  

I’m just back from a bike ride with Dad, after receiving my Zolodex injection at the doctor.  And I’ve got thrush again.  Who knows why.

“It’s all very well you telling me that you and my aunt didn’t get any menopausal side effects,” I say, wiping my fevered brow, “but I’m getting terrible ones and…”

“I’m sorry darling,” Mum says, putting her arms round me.

I’m dripping with sweat.  It’s not even hot, probably.  Everyone else is wearing trousers and sweaters.

“At the doctor, I was reading this article about menopausal symptoms – the writer started taking hormones to combat them, which I can’t, obviously,” I say, taking my sweater off.  “So, I asked him about the hot flushes and the wobbly tummy and if anything can be done about them and it can’t.”

“I’m sorry darling,” Mum says, chopping up a lettuce.  “I didn’t want to tell you about those things, in case you didn’t get them and…”

“Mustn’t grumble,” I say, “I’ve got Seb, and my brother is here, but I just don’t feel well: I’m hot all the time, and I’m sweating so much from my bike ride and my tummy is huge and that’s a menopausal thing apparently.  All my clothes look horrible and…”

“I think you’re amazing darling.  Shall we go and buy you a new dress?  Will that make you feel better?”  She wipes her hands on her apron, takes it off.  “Come on.”

So we go down to the village and do that.  The new dress isn’t tight over my tummy and I feel good in it.

“I was thinking about what to do for your birthday,” the message comes through from my Seb.  

“Yay,” I say.  Lucky me to have my darling Seb.

“I’ll think of some nice things to do,” he says.

Also, the Canada geese up at the Mill have produced some goslings, photo attached.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2008.  By Terri Thayer.  The first book in the Quilting Mystery series, starring amateur sleuth Dewey Pellicano.

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