“So I’ve been thinking of nice things to do for your birthday,” Seb says, on the phone just a few minutes ago.

“Wow, exciting!” I say, switching the grill off, taking my omelette out.  Will finish cooking it after this chat.  Can’t remember the last time I had a boyfriend on my birthday.  Probably the last time I was with Seb, six years ago.  

“So, I’m going to come down to see you on the Friday to Saturday and then come back on the Sunday,” he says.  “I’ve planned lots of fun things.”

“That’s so kind of you,” I say.  Feel touched that he is planning how to amuse me.  My darling boy.  I’m so lucky. 

“Can’t wait to cuddle you,” I say.  “Love having my big human pet, like Melanie Griffith and her lion Neil or…”

“She had a pet lion?” He says.

“Yes, she grew up with a lion in the house.  Haven’t you seen the photos?” I say.  “Put ‘Melanie Griffith Lion’ into Google and…”

“He’s a big chap isn’t he,” Seb says. “Look at that mane.”  He sounds very happy. 

“My favourite one is of them having a rest in bed together and Neil is touching her arm with his paw,” I say.  

Have attached that one for you.  

“And the one where he has his head in the fridge,” I say,  “and Tippi is trying to take something out but there’s a lion in the way and…”

“What a great head he has,” Seb says.

“That’s just the way that the fluffy monster puts his face in the fridge,” I say.

“But why was Neil living with them in the first place?” Seb says.

“Oh, Melanie’s Mum was Tippi Hedren, and she wanted to make a film about lions, and some expert suggested that a lion ought to move in with them,” I say.  “It was California in the late sixties/ early seventies.  They didn’t have all this Health and Safety that we have now and…can we get a lion when we grow up?”

Seb laughs.  

“Argh my omelette is ready,” I say.  “Can we talk later?”

“Of course,” he says.

Just eating my omelette and then I have a Party to attend.  Like a normal person.  Hannah is picking me up and we are going Out.  To a Party.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1981.  Film starting Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith.  During filming in 1977, Melanie was mauled by a lion and required fifty stitches to her face and plastic surgery.  Not Neil, presumably.  Filming took place over eleven years.

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