Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking*

“So,” Seb says when he calls at lunchtime today.  “I’m planning your birthday and…is there anything you want to see at the theatre or cinema or…”

A Royal Night Out,” I say.  “Rupert Everett as George VI.  The Queen and Princess Margaret going out on VE Day, it’s out on my birthday and…”

“Ah I like Rupert Everett,” Seb says.  “Got into acting the proper old-fashioned way, by working as a gigolo first.  A heartwarming tale, I think.  He’s wonderful on stage too…”

“Yes!  I saw him as ‘Oscar Wilde’ in The Judas Kiss at Hampstead,” I say.  “He was great.  Freddie Fox was ‘Bosie’ and he was all twenty years old and naked and…did you see Rupert’s Byron programme?”

“I did,” Seb says.

“I love him,” I say.  Mustn’t mention that the Queen is upset by A Royal Night Out’s portrayal of her sister or Seb won’t go. Feel a bit bad about seeing it myself if it annoys the Queen actually.  Love the Queen.

On the plus side: well done me for achieving a boyfriend who knows who Rupert Everett is, at last.  You may, or may not remember the various Bright Young Things who have never heard of him.  One day I will be proficient in the ways of the Internet and will be able to link to those old posts.  One day.  Is nice to have something to aim for.

“So, I’m planning to get to you for lunchtime on Friday,” Seb says.

“That’s lovely darling but it’s not possible unless you leave home at about nine o’clock,” I say.

“Well,” he says, and I can imagine him planning his journey in a way that doesn’t take account of the Rules of Physics.  “So, I’ve got one lesson in the morning and then I’m going to miss one and…”

“I don’t want you to miss your lesson,” I say.  “Just come up after it.”

“But that’s OK,” he says.  “I can catch up another time or…”

“I’m not providing an excuse for why you haven’t done your work,” I say.

“Don’t worry my love,” he says.  “I’ll see you on Friday.”

Probably late afternoon then, I think.  

“I look forward to it,” I say.  It’s exciting that he is planning nice things to do for my birthday.  “Oooohhhh I know: why don’t you track down Roar, the Tippi Hedren/ Melanie Griffith film with the lions.  It’s meant to be amazing and…”

“I’ll get on to it,” he says.

Attached photo is the fluffy monster, storming off as he’s upset with me for stealing his bedroom.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2004.  TV movie starring Rupert Everett as Sherlock Holmes: “a serial killer stalking the teenage daughters of the aristocracy brings Sherlock out of his drug-filled semi-retirement.”  Not based on a Conan Doyle story.  Obviously.  Have just ordered it to watch with Seb at the weekend…

3 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking*

  1. Oh how exciting, a film, I could potentially see it then! Here is hoping Dubai screen it, it sounds so good, though I agree, a shame the Queen doesn’t like it. Huge fan of the Queen too! I met Freddie Fox once and he was quite charming.

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