Perfect Day For A Murder*

1.  Start reading A Book.  Not some airport novel to get-my-reading-muscles-working.  No.  A proper book: The Tories: Conservatives And The Nation State 1922 – 1997 by Alan Clark.  And it’s gripping. Already, Bonar Law has complained of feeling ‘mouldy’ and succumbed to oesophageal cancer.  Am feeling mouldy too.  Going to use this one: it’s great.

2.  First meeting with Katerina, my trainer, for ten days.  She is pleased to see me.  

3.  Arrive home from gym to find Alfred Hitchcock by Peter Ackroyd and A God In Ruins by Kate Atkinson on the table.  My brother has read the blog and trotted out to buy the books.  He is amazing.

4.  Parentals arrive with a bronze hare.

5.  Consume a purple sprouting broccoli, asparagus and feta omelette.

6.  As we’re leaving the house, a huge package arrives from Fortnum and Mason.  

“It’s not from me,” my brother says.

No-one else would send such a thing.  It’s a mystery.

7.  American Buffalo is stunning.  Brilliant performances, front row seats, it’s not even too hot.  As I watch Damien Lewis and John Goodman sparring in Mamet’s inimitable dialogue, there’s a sense that we’re witnessing a seminal moment of theatre history.  It’s a privilege to be here.

Have to go to the loo three times, but that’s just me.

Catch it if you can.  The production, not the loo.

8.  Supper at a Venetian restaurant with the family.  It’s nice.  And empty at five o’clock when we arrive.  Must go out to eat at five o’clock more often.

9.  On the way back to open The Parcel from Fortnums.  Have elderly parental company on the train, which is nice.

10.  Dad has fixed my net curtains.

11.  Mum has changed my bed.

12.  Arrive home.  Open the package.  Photo attached.  It’s a breakfast tea hamper from some much-loved friends.  Am overwhelmed 💖.

“Happy Wednesday lovely!” The message comes through from Seb at 10.45am.  “I was very good this morning: got up at 6am to use the skipping rope on the promenade.  Eccentric, but great exercise! Xxx”

Love that boy!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2006.  By Christophe Beck.  Song from The Pink Panther film soundtrack.


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