Something In The Way*

And so to the refurbished Art Deco cinema, now a Documentary cinema, to see the Kurt Cobain film, Montage Of Heck.

It’s good, although not much about the music.  Very little about the music, in fact.  Which is a shame.  There’s a bit about Kurt’s creative process: we see him drawing and painting and his notebooks and diaries.  There’s a sense that he worked hard at his art.  

Wonder if there are copyright issues or some other issues with mentioning the music.  We don’t hear from anyone at the record company, for example.  Also, Dave Grohl isn’t interviewed.  

Lots of footage of Kurt: beautiful and sometimes with a golden halo.

If there’s one thing we glean from it, it’s how truly unglamorous heroin is.  We see footage of Kurt and Courtney with terrible skin, loafing about in their underwear.  Their house is a tip and there’s a gorgeous kitten tiptoeing around all the mess.  This is no environment in which to raise a kitten.  Nirvana have sold a lot of albums by this point.  Surely they can afford a cleaner, I think.  This footage ought to put people off hard drugs and the-rock-star-lifestyle.  Leave the cinema wanting exercise, an omelette and an early night.  We pop into Waitrose to buy some vegetables.

Arrive home and there’s a message from Seb: “Hey,  looking forward to tomorrow lovely.  I will head off tomorrow at 8am, drop a piece of work off at college and aim to arrive at you by 11.30/ 12.  Anywhere you fancy for lunch?”

My darling boy.  Will be amazed if he arrives here by lunchtime, but let’s see.  Roar has arrived.  It seems to be in German, but that’s OK.  Will just put the subtitles on.

There’s the wonderful smell of artichokes in my kitchen.  And the attached photo is my new bronze hare.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1991.  Nirvana song from Nevermind album.

3 thoughts on “Something In The Way*

  1. It certainly appears a very unglamorous drug. Was a shame about the lack of music, or even comment about music – I wondered if that was deliberate rather than enforced, perhaps the focus being on his struggles with mental health, drugs etc. Not the traditional, if you will, rockumentary. X

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