The Cat Who Saw Stars*

Waking up with a start, I fumble for my watch.  5.15am.  Ah, the joy of hot flushes.  Sipping from my water bottle, wiping my sweat-drenched face with the towel that now lives on the floor next to my bed, I put on my Body Scan CD.

After listening to it twice, I’m still awake.  No prospect of falling asleep again now: it’s light outside.  6.21am.  Tiptoeing to the kitchen, observing that MadFatRunner is asleep, I take a pint of water back to bed.

Fragments of last night come back to me.  Spent most of the night talking to a dog of course: a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who I’ve met just once before.  Was touched that he wanted to come to my party.  Had some lovely cuddles with him.

“I’ve got you a little something,” Hannah says when she arrives, handing over a card.  Opening it, there’s a soft pouch inside, and inside the pouch there’s a cat on a necklace.  He’s the spitting image of my previous cat, Furry.

“Wow I love him,” I say, putting him round my neck.  “He’s Furry, isn’t he?”

“Well I just saw him and I knew I had to get him for you,” Hannah says, smiling.  Photo attached.

Some of my human friends were there, and, as is always the way, managed not to spend any time with most of them.  Which is a shame.  Think people were having a nice time though.  We sat outside till 11pm, which was lovely.  Would like to do it again and talk to the other table of people:  we split into two tables early on.

It’s seven o’clock now.  Am just going to see if my visitor is awake.  Looks sunny out there.  Maybe will make it out somewhere before Seb returns: either the park or the gym.  He is definitely coming back: he left a huge bag here.  Can’t wait to see him.  Missed him last night.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1999.  By Lilian Jackson Braun.  21st novel in her cat detective series.

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