The Charmed Bracelet*

The weekend guests are gone, leaving nothing but several bags of recycling – we munched our way through an impressive amount of food it seems – and a trail of their belongings: a book about running (MadFatRunner) and a grey sweater and blue shirt (Seb).

Am missing both of them so much already.  Have just had a little snuffly cry about it in my Office loo.

The phone rings.  Am at my Office so shouldn’t answer it but it’s my Seb.

“Hello,” he says.  “Did you just ring me?”

“No, you just rang me,” I say, because he did.

“Oh, well, that’s a bit of an accident, but a happy accident,” he says.  “Hello lovely.”

Just hearing his voice makes me smile.  “I’m at the Office,” I say.  “Is it OK if we speak later?”

“Of course it is,” he says.

Had such a lovely weekend and now it is all over and must focus on my Important Work.  And Seb must focus on his studies and soon, very soon, will see him again.  He will have to see me if he wants his clothes back anyway.

Seb gave me the bracelet in the photo.  Am thrilled with it.  Am going to wear it all the time.

Just purchased some vegetables to comfort myself with: artichokes, purple sprouting broccoli and chicory.  And there were mushrooms but have just eaten all of them, raw .  This seems to happen with alarming regularity. Somehow forgot to buy asparagus.  Let’s hope there’s some in the market tomorrow.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2006.  A Nancy Drew graphic novel by Stefan Petrucha and Vaughn Ross.


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