Eye For An Eye*

“Happy Tuesday?  Have cancelled my Saturday morning appointment so can come down on Friday now if that suits,” I message Seb this morning.

When I wake up in the night, drenched in sweat, am panicking about not going to see Seb until Saturday when it will be busy.  Also there is a train strike planned for Monday so may need to return on Sunday.  Fingers crossed that the strike will be called off.  So this morning I cancel my Saturday meeting with psychiatrist and rearrange it for next Thursday.

“Happy Tuesday to you x  OK, that sounds good.  We can work out times later.  How’s your eye?”  Seb replies.

“Still swollen but I have another one ;)”  I say.  Eye is all puffy from allergic reaction to something – who knows what.  Could be anything.

“You cute, brave thing.  Speak later xxx” Seb says.

“Thank you thank you.  Tuesday cuddle xxx” I say.

Today’s Painventory:

1.  Swollen, stinging eye from allergic reaction to who-knows-what.

2.  Hot and sweaty – menopausal side effect.

3.  Very sleepy – side effect of antihistamine which ought to have cured the swollen eye but hasn’t yet done so.

On the plus side:

1.  Am in my Office.

2.  Am going to see my Seb at the weekend.  He thinks that am Brave and Cute.

3.  Am having a Good Hair Day – my first one since hair has started growing back.  Hair has begun to grow down rather than out.  Soon it will be shoulder length and that will be so much better.

4.  No back pain.

5.  No other muscle pains.

Attached photo is a beautiful tree near the flat.  Anyone able to identify it?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2007.  By Frank Muir.  First in the contemporary crime series set in Scotland, featuring DCI Andy Gilchrist.

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