The Killing Pool*

Sitting on sofa, in turquoise towel (not mine), paralysed by indecision, exhaustion and torpor.  Need to:

1.  Wash all the towels: this one; my mint green one which Seb used when I quite clearly said “you can use the bright blue one”; my hand towels which keep drenching in night sweat.

2.  Put on a dark wash: brother said he’d leave some clothes to go in it but can’t see them.

3.  Wash up the pans, tins and so on in the sink.

4.  Go out and buy: a) nail glue – the foil wrap on my right big toe is detaching and have stuck it back on with some clear nail varnish but this is a temporary solution at best.

b) Vegetables, wine and so on for supper.

c).  Pay cheque in.  Couldn’t be bothered to drag aching self up to the bank after training at the gym this morning.

5.  Change sheets.  Haven’t changed then since the weekend.

6.  Paint nails on hands.  They are short and bare and look awful.

7.  Would love to tint eyelashes but that may well be bad idea as eye still swollen.  

8.  Think about what else need to buy/ do before trip to see my Seb on Friday.

9.  Fill up the birdseed and fat ball feeders and change the birds’ water.

10.  Put some newspapers and magazines in bags for the recycling.

11.  Investigate train tickets for the weekend.

Argh.  Is too much.  Am going to have a sleep instead.

Attached photo is beautiful horse chestnut tree in bloom.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2013.  By Kevin Sampson.  Crime thriller.


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