Murder By The Seaside*

“I’m looking forward to seeing my dogs,” Seb says as we leave his flat.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the animal people,” I say.  The fluffy monster’s mum and uncle and two sisters will be there, along with the three dogs.  Am wearing my nice dress: the short leopard and tiger print red, gold, black and cream one.  Have washed hair and put some hair clips in and it looks OK.

Seb has run out to buy something from the off licence.  Am meant to be applying make up but am writing this instead.  It seems more important.

Today we had lunch on folding chairs on the beach.

“This is the most middle-aged thing I’ve ever done,” I say to Seb, as we look out to sea.  The sea roars.  It is variegated blues and greens.

“It’s pleasant though, isn’t it?” He says, tugging on his smoking device.

“Lovely,” I say, sipping my wine.  “Just what I always hope a picnic will be like…”

“And yet never is,” he says, stroking my hand.  “Happy holiday my love.”

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2013.  By Julie Anne Lindsey.  The Patience Price mystery series, book 1.

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