Sleep Of Death*

Seb is asleep in the nest.  His arm is wrapped around me.  He makes contented little sleeping noises.  I don’t want him to go home, but he has college tomorrow and I have the Office and so we both need our sleep.

On the television: Rafa has just beaten Jack Sock.  Now Novak is playing Richard Gasquet and is up 5 – 3 in the third set, having taking the first two.  “Nadal already awaiting the winner of this match,” the commentator tells us. And then Novak has taken the match.  

Am savouring these last few moments with my love before he leaves.  Although there’s one benefit of him being asleep: can scribble this.

It’s been a wonderful twenty four hours, and it’s passed by in a flash.  Parting is so tough and gets worse each time.  On the plus side: soon his term will be finished and we will be able to spend a bit more time together.

Attached photo is a beautiful copper beech who lives near the flat.  The trees all look wonderful at the moment: can’t stop photographing them.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2000.  By Philip Gooden.  A Shakespearean murder mystery.


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