Deadly Doubles*

And now from the clay courts of Roland Garros to the real action: the Friday Morning Veteran Ladies’ Doubles match at Mum’s grass court tennis club.  Well: it’s AstroTurf rather than real grass, but here we are, with the ladies Dressed Properly in white dresses and white trainers and…hang on a minute…one of them is wearing black.  Alright: three of our four ladies are wearing white.

Have been deposited on a green plastic chair at the side of the net.  

“You put me off,” one of the other pair screams at Mum.  Can’t tell you what Mum did as was writing this.  If only there was an umpire’s chair on a platform so could get a better view of the action.

“Tiebreak!” Mum says.  

1 – 0 to the Other Team.

1 – 1.  The Other Team hit it into the net.

Mum whacks it into the net.  1 – 2.

1 – 3.  

2 – 3. 

3 – 3.  And the sun’s come out.  

3 – 4.  Come on Mum!  

3 – 6.  The Other Team to serve for the set…

7 – 3 to the others but…what’s going on…they play on.

“Eight three” someone says.

“If the other people got to seven, why haven’t they won the set?” I ask Mum, as they change ends.

“We’re carrying on to a long tiebreak,” Mum’s partner says, “the first to ten.”

“Seven eight: we should’ve stopped at seven,” one of the other team says.

“Seven nine” Mum’s partner says, preparing to serve.

“Nine eight but they have to get two clear points,” Mum’s partner says.

Amazing recovery by Mum’s team.  Nine all.  They change ends.

Fantastic volley by Mum.  10 – 9.

“We just need one ace,” Mum’s partner says.  It doesn’t happen.  10 – 10.  Then 11 – 10 to the other team.

11 – 11.  Then 12 – 11 to the others.  

Mum’s partner to serve at 11 – 12.  

12 – 12.  Mum’s partner to serve but it’s 12 – 13 and that became a deciding point (why?  Who makes these rules).

Mazeltov to the Other Team.  And to Mum’s team for their impressive fightback.  Or is it fight back – two words.

Attached photo is Mum’s tennis court.

Having achieved a bike ride with Dad, we’re all all settled in front of Andy v Novak.  6 – 3 6 – 3 to Novak in the first two sets.  Andy’s just taken the third set 7 – 5 though.  Come on Andy!

Happy Friday everyone!
*1988.  By Carolyn Keene.  Part of the Nancy Drew series.  “Nancy and her friends go to watch some of the best tennis players compete and get tangled up in a case of mistaken identity.”

2 thoughts on “Deadly Doubles*

  1. Goodness that sounded painful! Watching it when they score properly is bad enough. Hehe
    I just recently wrote a post on team sports that you may like. How it can create anxiety! (
    Thanks for another good post.

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