Neon Panic*

Waking up with a start I see that it’s 6.33pm and I haven’t yet made a start on the day’s tasks.  After gym this morning I had a lunch meeting and then my sleep, so have to do Everything now.

Crawling through to the kitchen, I boil the kettle, chop the stem off my artichoke, photograph him for you  and then place him in a saucepan.

Crossing the hall to the bathroom, I run a bath.  Haven’t managed one since Saturday.  That’s life with a severe mental disorder: personal care gets forgotten.

The kettle boils.  Pouring the water into the pan, on top of the artichoke, I turn the hob on and put the lid on the pan.  Then I rush back to the bathroom and pour some shower gel into the bath.  On the plus side: the bath is clean. 

Charging back to the hob, I see that the artichoke is bubbling away.  Turning the heat down, I set the timer for 45 minutes.

In the bath, I shave all my furry bits.  Manage not to cut any pieces off self, so that’s good.  Wash hair and even apply hair mask and then the special curl creme.

Catching sight of self in the mirror as I work the curl creme through, I realise that I look great.  There’s a golden sheen to my skin from a bit of sun.  When wet, my hair is shoulder-length, thick and glossy.  I don’t look as if I’ve got cancer in my lungs.  I look healthy and glowing.  A stone overweight, certainly, but, if anything, that makes me look healthier.  But I’m not, of course.  Appearances can be deceptive.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2011.  By Charles Philipp Martin.  Murder investigation set in Hong Kong.


8 thoughts on “Neon Panic*

  1. “Thatโ€™s life with a severe mental disorder: personal care gets forgotten.”

    That’s my favourite line in there!

    I love this post because I can relate so much to it.
    You write in a way that makes me feel better when I read your posts

    Liked by 1 person

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