The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons*

“So, I’ve got an exam tomorrow,” Seb says, when he calls last night.
“At what time – so I can send positive thoughts,” I say, although what I mean is: at what time – so I can text you to remind you to attend it.  Or: wonder if you know what time exam is.  Maybe check.

“It’s the same time that the lesson always is,” Seb says.  “Did you watch that Napoleon programme then?”

“I’m saving it for us to watch together,” I say, looking at the dishwasher that needs emptying and the dirty plates that must be loaded afterwards.

“Really?” He says, sounding surprised and amused.  “I’ve been watching some more of Twin Peaks, I’m afraid and…”

“But we were going to watch the series together,” I say, feeling hurt, sipping my last gin and slimline tonic of the evening.

“We didn’t make an agreement to do that,” he says.

“I didn’t think we needed to,” I say. “I’ve never seen it, and we watched three episodes together and…never mind,” I break off.  It’s not worth arguing about, but if we started watching a series together on my television I wouldn’t continue viewing it without him.  

“I’m sorry,” he says.  

So that’s an apology at least.  

“Napoleon’s a fascinating character.  Kubrick wanted to make a film about him but it never happened,” Seb says.

“Couldn’t someone finish it?” I say.

“It would be difficult: maybe a real Kubrick devotee – Spielberg perhaps,” Seb says.

“Hope the exam goes really well,” I say.  “I’ll be thinking of you.”

“I’m going to have an early night, rather than doing anymore revision.  So I’m fresh for it in the morning,” he says.

“OK darling,” I say.

“I’ll text you to let you know how it goes,” he says.

“Goodnight darling,” I say.

“Sweet dreams, my love,” he says.

“Love you,” I say, because that’s what I always say to MadFatRunner or Lily or Hannah at the end of a telephonic chat, in case we never speak again or something.

“I love you,” Seb says.

Seb loves me.  Excellent.

Don’t know who that Pallas Cat person is in the photo but he’s a very fluffy person.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1904. By Arthur Conan Doyle. Wonderful Sherlock Holmes story.  Detective fiction.


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