Race To Death*

Watching TT: Closer To The Edge.  It’s a documentary about the legendary motorcycling race on the Isle of Man, starring the irrepressible Guy Martin: the “John Wayne of motorcycling”, says one contributor.  Wow, the Isle of Man looks beautiful.  The race itself is completely mental: an average of five deaths for every mile, 246 deaths since it began in 1907, about two per year.  The racers are such characters.  

“The bravest men in the world.  If it doesn’t excite you, you’re not alive,” says an older gentleman with a huge walrus moustache.

“I’ve been wearing the same crash helmet wear a certain pair of socks for the whole fortnight

“The TT is the last bastion of freedom of choice.  Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.  You only get one lap: why not make it a good one,” says a chap in a big cowboy hat.  Admittedly, he’s just watching the race, not trying to get himself killed in it, but it’s a nice sentiment anyway.

“The point of life is to enjoy it,” says the widow of someone killed in the race.  Won’t spoil it for you by telling you which competitor doesn’t make it but it’s very sad.  Of course, he dies doing what he loves.  

Brother has made supper.  Woohoo!  Had better eat it.

Attached photo is a monster who is fluffy to an almost illegal extent.

*2014.  By Leigh Russell.  Detective fiction.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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