Elephants Can Remember*

On the bus to my Office, I have a strong sense that I’ve forgotten something.  I’ve got my phone, so it’s not that.  Checking the date, it’s the 16th June and…argh…I realise that it’s my darling Seb’s birthday.  Today.  I’ve been so wrapped up in worry-about-his-exams – he has his last one today – that I’ve forgotten his birthday.  

“Happy birthday my darling.  Sending you birthday kisses all over,” I text him.

“Thank you, lovely.  I totally forgot, you know.  Ha! xxx”. Seb’s message says.  Well, it’s better than him forgetting an exam, but my poor boy.  Sent him a Present to help him with exams, signed for, but it never arrived.

“Cuddle xxx,” I say.  “I wish I was with you now.  Hope you slept well and fingers crossed for the questions you want.”

The exam is at 2pm.  Send him positive exam-question-answering vibes all afternoon whilst am at my Office.  On my bus on the way home, my phone rings.  It’s Seb!

“Hi darling, happy birthday,” I say.  “I’m on my bus – is it OK if I call you in twenty minutes?” 

“Of course,” he says.

“How was the exam?” I say.

“Fine.  Good,” he says.

“Great,” I say, feeling relieved.  “Call you in twenty minutes.”

Can’t stand people talking on their phones on the bus.  Refuse to be that person. 

The journey passes in excruciating slowness.  Just can’t wait to talk to my boy.  Can’t bear this telephonic separation from him. Then, at last, I’m off the bus and call him.

“Hello lovely,” Seb says.

“Happy birthday my darling,” I say.

“Thank you.  I totally forgot about it until all the messages started coming through this morning,” he says, sounding happy.  “It’s good to talk to you.”

“Yes,” I say.  “I wish we were together.”

“Me too,” he says.  

“So are you going out for some birthday drinks?” I say.  It’s a hot summer evening and I’m wearing a short dress and my straw hat.

“Yes: I’m at the pub,” he says.  

“Ah good,” I say.  “So is there anything that you want us to do for your birthday at the weekend or…”

“I just want to spend time with you,” he says.

Attached photo is a new penguin friend from Queens yesterday.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1972.  By Agatha Christie.  Late Hercule Poirot detective novel.  Last novel to feature Poirot and Ariadne Oliver, although Curtain was the latest-published Poirot novel, which was written in the late 1940s but published last.


3 thoughts on “Elephants Can Remember*

  1. True story: Woman in back of me on a bus one time was talking on the phone about a recipe she was making that evening. IN DETAIL. We heard about all her fears with sautéing the meat, making the sauce, and the baking time involved. When she got up to leave, the guy sitting next to me yelled to her in a sarcastic tone: “Hey, good luck on the dish you’re making tonight — we’re *all* pulling for you.” The woman did a double-take and actually said as she got off, “you’re very rude.”

    Happy birthday, Seb!

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