Tindersaurus, Kookaburras and The Convict Theatres

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to this post!

Scars, Tears and Training Bras

“So what work are you doing in my country?” I ask Luke, the 6 foot 6 Australian. We are sitting outside my local pub on a balmy summer evening.
“Publishing,” Luke says, and my heart lifts. We have something to talk about. The last couple of Australians have been builders and construction workers – looks like I’ve got a bit more in common with this one. He’s 31 – over 30 – a respectable age.
Ah he is hot, I think, gazing at him. He’s added a beard since his photos and, on his big frame with his huge blue eyes there’s something of the Viking about him.
“So where are your family from, I mean before Australia,” I say.
“The highlands of Scotland, near Aberdeen.”
“When did they move to Australia.”
“On the transports: they were convicts,” he says, a smile twinkling in those blue eyes.
“Do you know…

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