Devil In A Blue Dress*

Some nice things:

1.  Just had a lovely long cuddle with the fluffy monster.  My blue dress is now covered in orange fluff.

2.  Achieved scan.

3.  A floor-length rainbow-striped dress arrived in post.  It’s gorgeous.

4.  There is an artichoke waiting for me at the flat.

5.  Saw Lily today for the first time in ages.  

6.  We went to the pond and there are three cygnets, lots of goslings and some tiny new ducklings.

7.  Will see my Seb on Friday.

8.  Have never met or even heard of Dolgopolov until he beat Rafa but am enjoying him now. Garcia Lopez has just beaten him but Dolgopolov is one to watch for the future I think.

9.  Just arrived home to amazing supper cooked by brother.  It was pasta with pesto, leeks, asparagus and spinach.

10.  Seeing Hannah tomorrow for first time in weeks.

11.  Seb just called.  He can’t wait to see me.

12.  Love that boy.

13.  It’s the grass court tennis season.  

14.  It’s nearly Wimbledon.

Attached photo is a beautiful Land Rover Defender who resides near the Office.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1990.  By Walter Mosley.  Hardboiled mystery detective novel.


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