The Girl On The Train*

Personal training with Katerina at 10.30am but still need to do all these things before setting off to see Seb at 1pm:

1.  Wash self.

2.  Wash hair.

3.  Remove furry bits.

4.  Clean lenses.

5.  Find and write birthday card for Seb.

6.  Prepare artichoke that need to eat before setting off.

7.  Unpack as bag too full.

8.  Repack bag.

9.  Clear up broken thing in bathroom. It was a mirrored bird peg.  If break a mirrored item, achieve seven years of bad luck.  On the plus side: maybe that means will be alive for seven more years so can enjoy my bad luck.  Excellent.

10.  One is meant to break two more things but am not going to as will cut self and aggravate bad arm.  Or worse.

11.  Anyway: don’t want to scare away my seven years of bad luck as want to be alive for them.

Spoke to my Seb last night and he is expecting me today.  Can’t wait to see him and to cuddle him all over.  

Am a small bit anxious in anticipation of the journey.  Will feel better once am on that train.  Must remember to sit in the correct half of the train, as it divides somewhere and only one half goes where Seb lives.  The other half goes elsewhere.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2015.  By Paula Hawkins.  Psychological thriller.

4 thoughts on “The Girl On The Train*

  1. Another enjoyable post. Sorry not with you on the train thing, I love trains, buses (start a new bus driving job 6 July), planes, ships, anything transport and the bigger the better.
    Anyhow hop withies well for you , wherever you end up! Just don’t forget to let Seb know if you go to the destination!!!😎

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