The Hound Of The Baskervilles*

“Darling I think we need to stop the car,” I say.  Seb is driving us to his Mum’s and there is a Rhodesian Ridgeback just wandering along the road: a gigantic orange hound with that black ridge along his spine.

“His owner is probably just behind him,” Seb says.

Looking down the road, there’s a woman a long way behind him.  She’s not carrying a lead.

“Don’t think so,” I say, gazing up and down the road.  I’ve done this enough times with Mum to recognise a dog-on-the-loose.

“Alright,” Seb says, pulling into a side road.  “You stay here. We’re not in a proper space.  If a parking person comes round, you just explain that your nice boyfriend is rescuing a dog.  Back soon darling.”  Kissing me, he bounds out of the car and away.

Sitting in the car, listening to the radio, I wait.  Really would have preferred to assist with the brave dog rescue myself, but nevermind.

Time passes.  Listen to Smother by Wild Beasts which we’ve been listening to on the journey.  Hope Seb has captured that huge dog person, I think.  He’s been gone for ages.

“Thank you for realising what was going on,” Seb says, when he returns what must be fifteen minutes later.  “You were right.  His owner wasn’t around.  I captured him: a great huge dog – a magnificent creature – still has his balls.  And found a neighbour who said he could wait in her garden whilst we called the owner.  So I went out to look for him, and there he was – wandering the streets.  He’d left the back door open and the dog had just taken off and…”

“Thank you,” I say.  

“Thank you for noticing that something was wrong.  He ran across the road,” Seb says, shaking his head.

“He could have been killed,” I say.

“The owner didn’t seem that concerned,” Seb says.  “What a beautiful creature.  They can kill lions, you know.”

“Yes,” I say.  “Thank you for rescuing him, darling.  I’ve just done this so often with Mum: dogs, horses.  Once a horse escaped into our garden and Mum took her belt off and threw it round his neck to catch him.”

“He’s such a wonderful creature,” Seb says.  “So strong.  My dogs are going to wonder what I’ve been up to, when they smell him on me.”

Pulling him towards him, I kiss him.  I love him so much: more and more all the time.  My brave hero.  And then we get back on the road.

Attached photo is the seaside here.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1902.  By Arthur Conan Doyle.  One of the greatest detective novels ever, starring Sherlock Holmes and a gigantic hound.

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