The Shining*

“Seb,” I say.  “It’s eight o’clock.”  He grunts.  He’s asleep.  

“Since it’s supper time,” I say, climbing over him, “I’m going to make an omelette.”

Seb says “oh really,” with his eyes closed.

I can do this, I think, wandering through to the kitchen.  Chopping up the mushrooms, asparagus and broccoli that we purchased earlier, I throw it into a frying pan.  Washing up a wooden spoon, I use it as a spiddle.  There are eggs, feta and salad things.  Here’s cumin, Rosemary and herbes de Provence.  A wonderful omelette takes shape.

“Darling, which is the symbol for the grill,” I say, stroking the sleeping Seb.

“It’s got a picture of a triangle,” he says, turning over.  He’s wearing his grey t-shirt.  He’s so dreamy, and yet I need to know.  

“Please come with,” I say, stroking his arm.  “I don’t want to set your kitchen on fire or…”

“Fine,” he says, hauling his enormous grey-t-shirted bulk out of bed.

“Yeah, that’s the right setting,” he says, looking at the picture to which I’ve switched the dial.

It was, apparently, an excellent omelette.

Now we’re going to watch my close personal chum Jack Nicholson in The Shining by the wonderful Stephen King.  Met Jack.  We would have got married except was fourteen stone at the time. Ah well…

Attached photo is yesterday’s brunch.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1977.  By Stephen King.  Novel turned into a great Kubtick film (1980) starring  Jack Nicholson. 

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