Strange Days*

It’s been a strange day full of some unsettling things.  So, here are some nice things:

1.  Love my Seb.

2.  Will spend some proper time with him soon.

3.  Enjoyed this evening’s artichoke.  

4.  And a spinach, beetroot, avocado and sweetcorn salad.

5.  This Rioja is good.

6.  Enjoyed my allergy doctor.  Am happy that he’s joined my medical army.

7.  More information on him and my allergy tests tomorrow.

8.  Training with Katerina at 10am tomorrow.

9.  Enjoying Springwatch at last.  And still have eleven episodes left to luxuriate in.

10.  MadFatRunner saw a tawny owl today so am very pleased for her.

11.  Soon am going to cuddle my fluffy monster all over.

12.  Gave my lovely neighbours a present and they like it.  Am lucky to have some nice neighbours here.

13.  Enjoyed chatting to MadFatRunner about some things.  Am grateful for the telephone.

14.  And for my blog and for all of you for reading it.  Thank you.

Happy Thursday night everyone!
*1967.  The Doors.  Album.

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