Allergic Reaction*

“What are those ones?” I ask the allergy doctor.  I’m staring at my arm where the prick tests are starting to develop.  There are four which have erupted in red, itchy marks.

“So those are house dust and both types of house dust mites – the country mite and the town mite – and…did you take an anti-histamine this morning?”  He asks.

“Yes,” I say.  

He nods.  “So, they’ve reacted this badly despite that.”

“I’ve always been allergic to dust and dust mites,” I say.  “What’s the other lump?”

“That’s candida.  Do you get thrush?” He says.

“Yes, all the time” I say, “because they keep giving me antibiotics which give me thrush and…”

“Well, you’re allergic to thrush,” he says.  “So you’ll need some medication to stop you getting it and a vaccine against house dust mites and…”

“There’s a vaccine?  But is it new because I’ve known I was allergic to them for thirty years and…”

“Doctors here aren’t a huge fan of the vaccine,” he says.  “It’s been around since the forties.”

“So, when they told us that she was allergic to house dust mites and house dust, they said we should change all the carpets and curtains but I’m afraid we couldn’t be bothered,” Mum says, looking worried.  “Are we bad parents?”

“Oh no, it wouldn’t have made the tiniest bit of difference,” the allergy doctor says.  “The mites need a tiny bit of material to live on,” he measures a centimetre with his hand.

“And feathers?  I used to be allergic to them,” I say.

“They haven’t come up,” he says.

“Ah great,” I say.  Woohoo!  Can get an Owl!  Or an Eagle!  And, am not allergic to:

1. Dogs

2.  Cats

3.  Horses

4.  Eggs

5.  Cheese

6.  Milk

7.  Wine

8.  Gin

9.  Tapirs 

10.  Okapis

So that is good.
“So, for next time I need an allergy chronology and a food diary,” he says. “We need to isolate what’s causing the severe reaction.”

“OK,” I say.

So, had better get on with that.

The attached photo is a 1976 Mark IV Lincoln Continental Givenchy designer edition who was near the gym earlier today.  So beautiful.

Am watching Rebecca.  Again.  It’s still brilliant.  Although now am 36 and we know that Maxim wouldn’t like me…

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2013.  By Leslie Adams. A Debutante Detective mystery.

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