Deadly Heat*

Looking at my phone, I see that the time is 5.15am.  Have been awake since 4.04am.

To attempt to return to sleep have:

1.  Put the fan on its highest setting.

2.  Am not even that hot anyway due to my new thinner duvet – 4.5 tog.  Thank you to my Aunty for this.

3.  Still have not written that thank you email to my Aunty for the duvet.

4.  Was busy at work.  

5.  Busy as in a) Seb met me for lunch at my Office.  b) Had Important Work to do.  c)  Was On Time yesterday.  d) Did not even leave early.  

6.  Had piece of own writing to do at Office too.  Am naughty.

7.  Am worried about scan results today.

8.  If anyone has time please put in a few words with G-d about this.  Although it would have been more helpful if had asked anyone to pray before the scan, rather than now when the results already exist.  Even though have not yet been told them.

9.  It will be nice if tumours have shrunk.

10.  Especially the lung ones.

11.  Do not want to spend this hot weather having more chemotherapy.  Although it is too hot now.  But mustn’t grumble.  If Summer means Sahara Desert but without any oryx or camels, then will just have to enjoy the sunshine.  Although will melt.

12.  Also would prefer not to spend the summer undergoing more radiotherapy.  That is my least best one.

13.  Have at least signed up for Camp Nanowrimo.

15.  So have to write twenty thousand words during July.

16.  Is fine.  Have done it before.

17.  Seb is going away for three weeks in July anyway.

18.  Well – two of those weeks are in July.

19.  What are the birds singing about.  Grrrrr.
It’s now midday.  Managed to get back to sleep from about six o’clock till twenty past eight.  Now at lovely cool, air conditioned gym.  Need to walk home in the blazing heat in a minute.

“Hope you have useful session at oncologist today,” the message from Seb arrives at two minutes past ten this morning.  “When will you be out and free again my lovely?  See you later on.”

“Call flat,” I reply.

“Hello my love,” Seb says when I answer the phone.  “As you can probably hear, I’m on a train back from your land now.  I didn’t make it back last night and…”

“Is that because of the melted train lines?” I say.

“Not exactly,” Seb says.  Can hear station sounds around him.  “Ended up staying at my chum but…”

“What time do you have to hand in your project?” I say, gripped by fear, suddenly, that somehow he will miss his deadline.

“I will go home, pick it up, take it in to college and then hop on a train back to you my lovely,” he says.

So I guess I will expect him around two in the morning or so.

Attached photo is the Mexican feast conjured up last night by a dear friend of my brother.  It was amazing.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2013.  By Richard Castle.  The fifth novel in the series about New York Police Department Homicide detective Nikki Heat.


8 thoughts on “Deadly Heat*

  1. I am saddened by your news, even though I don’t fully know what it is yet, your beautiful writing has become a big part of my day. Your struggle is our struggle so keep sharing…sorry I can’t take a bullet or two for you!
    Keep smiling, keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

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