Don’t Look Now*

Unfortunately the last scan has flagged up possible bone mets.  There may be cancer in my spine.  So, need MRI scan to investigate this further.  Here are some nice things though:

1.  Am with my Seb by the seaside.

2.  Am staying here till Monday.

3.  We have walked down to the beach a couple of times.

4.  The sea is bright turquoise.

5.  We have found some stones and shells on the beach and they are nice.

6.  We are going to watch Don’t Look Now.  It is a favourite story for both of us and Seb says it is a great film.  Mum did not let us watch it when we were little as it was deemed “unsuitable”.  Think it contains sexuals.  The story does not, or not as far as remember.

7.  It is warm and sunny.

8.  The seagulls are large and talkative.

9.  Soon it will be supper time.

10.  Supper is salad, cottage cheese and avocado.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1971.  Short story by Daphne Du Maurier published in the collection Not After Midnight.  Famously filmed in 1973 starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.  Directed by Nicholas Roeg.

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