A Shopping List For Murder*

“Have you seen that?  Looks like rubbish,” Seb says, pointing to the pile of Fifty Shades of Grey DVDs as he dumps our basket of food on the counter.  We are in the co op, round the corner from Seb’s flat, purchasing food stuffs for supper.

“Yes,” I say.  “Let’s put the bottles straight in your bag darling.”

“Really? What did you think of it then?” Seb says, placing the slimline tonic, milk and olive oil in his rucksack as the cashier rings them through.

“Quite liked it,” I say.  “Six out of ten.”

“Seriously?” He says, sounding surprised.

Jurassic World is so much better though,” the cashier says.  She looks about fifty five: straight blond hair, kind smile.

“Oh yes, of course,” I say.

“We could do with some of those raptors in here, to sniff out the shoplifters,” she says, with relish, warming to her topic.

“Do you get a lot of shoplifters then,” Seb says.  “It’s a match made in heaven you two,” he says to her.  “Tanya loves dinosaurs.”

“My Mum is a palaeontologist,” I say.  “Am really hoping to meet some real dinosaurs in my lifetime and…”

“Oh, me too,” the cashier says, ringing through the bags of salad, avocados and feta.  “Do you think that it will happen then?”

“Hope so,” I say.  “Mammoths first though obviously…”

“Oh yes, mammoths,” she says.  “Then the dinosaurs.  That will be forty pounds.” 

“I’ll get this,” Seb says.  “Really though?  You want them to bring back dinosaurs, despite all those films showing what a mistake that would be every…”

“Of course,” the cashier and me both say in unison.  We laugh.

“Great to meet you,” I say to her.

“You too, lovey,” she says.

We leave the shop, Seb carrying the shopping.

“I see her most days,” he says, as we turn down his street.  “Never exchanged more than a couple of words.  And yet, with you…”

“Oh, I have a Special Way with people,” I say, taking his hand.  Even though I don’t.  It can’t hurt for Seb to think that am a People Person.  A bit, at any rate.  

Am writing this in bed, waiting for him to wake up.  It’s eight thirty in the morning.  Need coffee and porridge and a chat.

Attached photo is the beautiful sea here.

Happy Sunday everyone!
2004.  By Robyn Beveridge.  “An autobiography of an unique piece of New Zealand’s criminal history.”

3 thoughts on “A Shopping List For Murder*

  1. That is actually my life, everyone talks to me and tells them their life stories. Bond laughs and says if I am alone for more than a minute I have a new friend! Your supermarket lady sounds lovely though and I always find I get pleasure from chance meetings with people. I hope that you can have a nice chat in future, makes the supermarket a bit more fun! xxx

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