Hard Times*

“So, what other matches are on today?” Seb says, taking a swig of his beer.  We are sitting in the television room of his local pub.  Or, the local pub that he is prepared to take me to anyway.  The pub a few doors down from his house is apparently “not a nice place”.  This one is called “The Charles Dickens”.

“What do you mean?” I say.  Have dragged him here to catch the last set of the Novak Djokovic versus Kevin Anderson match which was halted due to poor light last night.

“Well who else is playing today?” Seb says.

“Well it was Roger and Andy yesterday, so…I don’t know.  After this match finishes they ought to tell us,” I say.  “Is it Ladies’ quarterfinals or…”

“So do you want to watch any other matches,” Seb says.  

“Do you want to go somewhere else?”  I say, gazing out of the curved bay window.  Photo of it attached.  Must not force Seb to sit here all day, I think.  Not if he wants to do Other Things.  Although we have spent many days doing Other Things and a mere hour or so watching Andy’s match yesterday.

“No, my love, I like it here,” Seb says, stroking my arm, smiling.  This is great as I like it here too.  It is cool and am on a big sofa.  All around there are etchings from the works of Dickens which are nice.

“That net gets in the way doesn’t it?” An older gentleman says.  We have three new elderly chums who have settled in for the duration of this match: a sweet older couple and a chap on his own.  

5 – 5 in the final set.  Then Novak breaks Kevin’s serve.  The six foot eight South African looks deflated.

“Team Djokovic, led by Boris, can for the first time contemplate the quarter finals,” the commentator says, as Novak breaks.  6 – 5.

Suddenly Novak has Match Point and then it’s all over.  

“Nice to meet you,” Seb says to the elderly couple as they leave.

“You too,” they say, smiling at him.  He does have that effect on people with his lovely manners and mellifluous voice.

And here, in this pub with my darling Seb – Wimbledon on the television, the sea at the end of the road – am happy.  Am staying here till tomorrow now.  Home, hospital and the horrors of life can wait.  Am busy on holiday with my love.  At long last, his course is finished and we have nothing to do except to enjoy each other’s company and it is amazing.  

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1854.  By Charles Dickens.  


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