A Streetcar Named Desire*

“I will drive you home today,” Seb says.  He is wearing his grey vest that he puts on to channel Marlon Brando as Stanley in Streetcar.  Somehow it makes him look even more posh though: his mane of hair flopping over his face and his big, turquoise eyes.  He has such a kind, open face.

“Thank you my love,” I say.  “That is so sweet of you.”  And I’m flooded with relief that I won’t have to deal with public transport and carrying my huge bag and…all of that.  And I will get another couple of hours with my love.

“You need to charge your phone,” I say, taking my five dresses out of his wardrobe, stuffing four of them in my bag and climbing into the new navy one.  It has a Grecian look: draped at the front so it disguises my tummy.

“And my speaker and my battery for my smoking device,” Seb says, plugging everything in.

Attached photo is the sea at the end of the road.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1947.  By Tennessee Williams.  Play.  Iconic film (1951) starring Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh.


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