The Name Of The Rose*

“Hello lovely!” Seb’s message arrives at 12.51pm today.  “My Mum has changed her mind about her collection from hospital and my stepdad is going to do it instead.  Have to clean my flat as the agents want to show it.  Am going to head up to you first thing tomorrow.  Buzz you later. xxx”

“Woohoo cant wait!” I reply.  “Cuddle to your Mum.”  Seb’s Mum has to undergo a minor operation.

This is excellent, I think as I emerge from the Office loo.  My Seb is coming to see me tomorrow.  He has been released from his duties and his first impulse is to rush to see me.  Am so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend who makes me so happy.

This means that we can spend some time together before our evening event at the Zoo.  Have found and printed the tickets for the talk, so don’t need to worry about that anymore: had a vague recollection that needed a printout of the tickets and was scared even to look for the email in case had deleted it by mistake.

“It’s a well known phenomenon,” Mum says.  “You look for something everywhere except where you think you put it.  Because you’re scared that if you look in the safe place where you are pretty sure you would have put it, it won’t be there.”

Anyway, have the tickets printed out now.  They are in my handbag.

Have sudden pangs of longing for my fluffy monster.  Must make sure to give him lots of cuddles when we are together on Friday.

Can’t wait to get home and cook my artichoke and the Omelette.  Purchased another couple of artichokes in the market today so can surprise Seb with one.  He loves them.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1980.  By Umberto Eco.  Detective novel set in an Italian monastery in 1327.


5 thoughts on “The Name Of The Rose*

  1. One of my very favourite novels, probably in my top ten. You have reminded me to dip into it again so thank you for that and a lovely picture.Have a lovely time at the zoo.

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