A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder*

“Do you think I have time to look for a charger for my pipe around here,” Seb says as we sit outside a pub, sipping our drinks.

“If you’re quick,” I say, sighing inwardly.  For once we’ve made it out in time and I’m enjoying a gin and slimline tonic and a rest before the talk at the Zoo.  It’s a pleasant evening – so far the rain is holding off.  Am excited that soon we will be at the Zoo together.  The last time we were here together was ten years ago.

“I can always see if there are places open after the talk,” Seb says, shaking his electronic smoking device.  “It’s just I haven’t got much battery and…”
“No, darling, go now,” I say.  “I want us to go somewhere for dinner afterwards, since we’re out.”  Had planned to take him somewhere nice, to celebrate his results.

“OK,” he says, kissing me on the top of my head as he gets up.  “I won’t be too long.”

“You need to be back here by twenty past six,” I say.

“See you in a bit, lovely,” he says.

So, am sitting outside the pub writing this and waiting for him.  Hope he will be here soon.  The attached photo is a rose who lives near the flat.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2013.  Musical comedy.  By Robert L. Freedman and Steven Lutvak.  Adaptation of Israel Rank: The Autobiography of A Criminal By Roy Horniman.  The novel was also the source of the 1949 film Kind Hearts And Coronets.

3 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder*

  1. Sorry I am so far behind in my reading….but I try not to miss any of your posts, I love them, they put a little bit of reality into my world. Thanks for this installment, take care

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