An Expedition – part 2

Happy one year Anniversary to this post. Wow!

Scars, Tears and Training Bras

“Did you know that Sussex is the most wooded county in England,” Seb says, as we drive through a wood. “That’s why I love it. I love trees.”
“Yes, you told me last time,” I say.
Once, I remember, I asked Seb when he would like to be living, if he could choose any historical period, and he’d avoided the stock answers – Ancient Rome, Tudor England – and said: “the Dark Ages. I’d like to live in a cave and wear an animal skin and hunt with a spear with my wolf and be in nature.”

Then we’re out in the fields again and all of a sudden there’s a huge thud and I’m thrown forward and the seatbelt cuts into my scars and the adrenaline is pumping as we shudder to a halt.
“You ok?” He says, touching my arm. “I’m terribly sorry, Tanya. The car in front…

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