A Scanner Darkly*

It’s cool, calm and quiet in the waiting area for MRI scans.  Am the youngest person here by at least forty years, as usual.  The only sounds are the squeak of doors opening and closing; the patter of footprints and the thud of walking sticks up and down the corridor.  Listen carefully and there’s a humming and whirring of the fans that cool the scanners.

Last time I was here, there was a film crew with me, I remember. So it’s very different today as I sit here alone. Dad is parking the car – always a trial – and so am just writing this until someone takes me behind one of the doors which says “Controlled Area: X-Rays” and tells me to turn my phone off.
Today’s MRI scan is to examine my spine to see if there is cancer in it.  Let’s hope that there isn’t.  Obviously.

Attached photo is the fluffy monster outside the front door this morning, disregarding the rule that he is Not Allowed in the front garden.  

Happy Friday everyone!
*1977.  By Philip K Dick.  Science fiction novel.

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