Levels Of The Game*

“This is a deep hole he’s in right now,” the commentator says.  Andy Murray is struggling against Gilles Simon.  He’s a set and a break down.

Am suffering with Andy.  Come on Andy!

MadFatRunner has been here with me this weekend and we had a lovely time but now she has gone home and am alone.  It’s sad when your best friend lives far away.  When was not so ill, it was easy to jump on a train to see her, but now it isn’t.  Am planning to get there soon though.

Pop to the loo, and on my return can see that Andy has won the last three games.  It’s back on serve.  5 – 4 to Murray in this second set.  This is more like it.

But all too soon it’s five games all.  

“If he’d just try to play a little worse, we’d all appreciate it,” the commentator says of the French player.  Andy looks tired.  It’s been a long grass court season this year: Queens, then Wimbledon, now this. 

Somehow Andy wins the tiebreak – one set all.  There’s a long way to go in this match, but at least Andy has won a set.

Am going to have a small sleep.  When I wake up there will be things to do:

1.  Hang up the washing.

2.  Make supper.

3.  Tidy up.

4.  Have bath.

5.  Put another wash on.

6.  Get ready for The Office tomorrow.

Oh look: suddenly Andy is 3 – 0 up in the third set.

Missing my Seb.  His Mum has had a small operation so he’s looking after her this weekend.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster.  Isn’t he amazing?

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1969.  By John McPhee.  Book about the 1968 U.S. Open semi-final between Arthur Ashe and Clarke Graebner.


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