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Scars, Tears and Training Bras

The #tinder profile photo shows a Delft tea set on a table. Seated at the table is a young man and at the front of the table is a book entitled “Tea With the Bennetts: Recipes From Pride & Prejudice”.
Ah wow, I think. A straight chap who likes Jane Austen. Must not mention that the first time I did the “which Jane Austen character are you” quiz I was Lydia. Repeated the quiz, changing my answers, and then, somehow, ended up as Lady Catherine de Burgh. Mum and Hannah were both Elizabeth Bennett, of course.
“Which Bennett are you looking for?” I message him.
“Your (sic) more interested in the book than me,” he fires back.
Oh dear.
Forwarding his message to Hannah, I wait for her response.
“Oh no, do not reply. That is inexcusable,” she types back.
“Maybe, like all the best people in Jilly Cooper, he’s…

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