The Diary Of A Killer Cat*

“Looking forward to seeing you, lovely.  Can I bring anything later? xxx” Seb’s message comes through at 1.21pm today as I’m sitting at my desk in my Office.

“Balsamic vinegar please,” I say.  Am running low on this and need it for the artichokes.  Could, and probably should, purchase it myself, but it is good to let him Do Things for me.  “Will get some vegetables and eggs in the market.  Have artichokes!  Can’t wait to see you! xxx”

And, indeed, am so looking forward to seeing him and to snuggling up with him in the nest.

Ran the dishwasher this morning, so will need to unload it and put everything away.  Oh, and put the washing away.  Or at least move the airer into my brother’s room so the flat isn’t dominated by a display of pants and socks.

Tidied up this morning before leaving the house and did the washing up in the sink.  Even wiped the kitchen surfaces.  

Maybe will do a pasta bake for supper.  Think there is some dried pasta.  Can’t give him yet another Omelette.  Wish brother was here so he could cook something impressive and I could pretend that I made it.  

Maybe whilst Seb is away for three and a half weeks (sob, wail etc) will go out and Do Some Things.  So will have something more fun to write about than household chores and what-am-I-going-to-cook-for-supper.  In fact, I could even do a cookery course and wow him with some new dishes on his return.

Just saw the attached person through a fence.  Don’t know his name.  Don’t tell the fluffy monster but black and white is my favourite colour of cat. My previous cat, Furry, was black and white.  Read somewhere that black and white Tuxedo cats are the most intelligent cats, but don’t know how one measures cat intelligence.  Compared with the fluffy monster, Furry was a genius, but then am remembering Furry in his late teens, after he’d acquired a lifetime of wisdom.  The fluffy monster is still a baby.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2009.  By Anne Fine.  Children’s book.


6 thoughts on “The Diary Of A Killer Cat*

  1. Cookery course sounds good! It will help pass the time and you will acquire new skills.
    Have fun tonight with Seb.
    One of my black and white cats arrived in the house with a Very Large Bird in his mouth this morning. Is that how “cat intelligence” is measured?

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