The Scent Of Rain And Lightning*

“Arrived safe and sound, by the way xxx”.  The message comes through from Seb at 12.45pm today.  Am so happy to hear from him.  Have been wondering whether or not he’s arrived.

“Ah great.  In Bangkok?” I reply, at 2.10pm when I see the message.  Am at the parental home where there isn’t much phone signal. 

“Yup.  Spent a few fruitless hours in the nutty Bangkok looking for gifts.  Hope you’re well,” Seb says.  “Going to eat and sleep now.  Hope you’re good my lovely xxx.”

“Happy that you’ve arrived safely,” I say.  “Am with the fluffy monster.  Have been enjoying cuddles.  Sending lots of love xxx.”

This may well be the last time I hear from him for weeks.  At least he’s arrived in Thailand.  Must try not to spend loads of time thinking about him and must concentrate on Other Things.

It’s torrential rain here.  This house is not the best place to be in a heavy downpour: it leaks.  The fluffy monster is in a Bad Mood when arrive here to see him as he’s not allowed out in such bad weather.  He is sitting at the front door when open it to get inside.  He stares at me.  Picking him up, I cuddle him and carry him away from the door.  He is so soft and orange.

“OK Mr Fluffy,” I say, putting him down.  He heads for his bedroom and I follow him.  “Would you like some lunch?”

He lies down on the floor next to his food bowl, his chin resting on the edge of it.  Pouring some dried food into the bowl, I watch him rearrange himself into a standing posture.  Dipping his face into the food, he starts to crunch through his lunch.

Photo of the fluffy monster attached.

Hope this rain is going to stop soon: need to get out on our bikes tomorrow…

Happy Friday everyone!
*2011.  By Nancy Pickard.  Cold case detective novel.

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