Morning Glory*

“Come and help me observe my new flowers,” Mum says.  “It’s a Gardening Which study: to observe them for ten minutes four times during the summer on a sunny day – between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon – and to record the number and species of butterflies that land on them.”

“They’re zinnias aren’t they?” I say, looking at them.

“Yes, there’s two red ones, a pink one, a white one, an orange one – there are eleven altogether but only five of them are in flower at the moment,” Mum says, pointing at them.

So far no butterflies have landed on them.

“There are lots of butterflies on the verbena, look,” Mum says, as a Cabbage White flies in for his lunch, settling on the purple verbena.  “But they don’t seem to like the zinnias.”

Ahhhhh this is nice, I think: resting on the swinging bench whilst Mum pulls up weeds and potters about.  It’s warm and sunny in the garden and have just been on an epic hour and a half cycling ride with Dad.  We went up to the Mill, past it, round the Lakes and back.

We saw this blasted tree.  Think it is beautiful:

Other wildlife sighted on our bike ride:

1.  Goldfinches on the telegraph wires.

2.  Baby moorhen.

3.  Ducks.

4.  Canada geese.

5.  Collared doves.

6.  Seagulls.

Now am going to make The Omelette. Am having a much needed Rest at the parentals, but still need The Omelette.
Attached photo is Mum’s Morning Glory.  “Please take a photo of it for the blog,” Mum says.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2013.  By Sarah Jio.  Mystery novel set in houseboat community in Seattle.


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