The Go-Between*

“Hello lovely!”  Seb’s message comes through at 7.35am this morning.  “Happily ensconced in the forest.  You won’t believe how fast the Bodhi trees I planted (less than two years ago) have grown.  One was a cutting of about 6 inches tall which is now 8 foot!!  Hope you’re well my lovely xxx”

Ah he’s adorable.  Love that boy.  Am so happy to hear from him.  Am sure he means “fewer than two years ago” but never mind.

“Yay, that’s wonderful,” I reply.  “Have found The Go-Between at the parentals and am re-reading it.  Kisses xxx”

Achieve Spin.  It is heavy rain on my walk back to the flat.  In tragic news: The Go-Between gets wet.

It’s drying out now.  Have been struggling with Reading again.  Have read this book before when was a teenager, and just the Prologue indicates that am going to enjoy it.  So when wake up after my afternoon sleep, will get back to it.  It will, no doubt, be quite different now.

Miss my fluffy monster but am secure in the knowledge that his grandparents adore him.

Attached photo is a hanging basket at the mill yesterday.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1953.  By L.P.  Hartley.  Classic coming-of-age novel.


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