A Meditation On Murder*

“Hello lovely, all well?”  Seb’s message comes through at 6.30pm last night.  “Very good here.  Despite all my self abuse, meditation’s going pretty well.  You keep popping into my mind during meditation.  Sending loving thoughts xxx”

“Sending loving thoughts back,” I fire off, just in case he can read it straight away.  “You are in my mind too.  Any owls yet?  Or clouded leopards?”

I don’t hear back from him.  The signal must have gone or he has been eaten by a clouded leopard.  Lucky Seb.  Hasten to add that the “self abuse” comprises a few gin and slimline tonics and nothing more serious.  He just has high standards for his behaviour.  Which is good.

Of course he is always on my mind.  Am missing him desperately.  My darling boy. 

“I think we knew each other in a past life,” Seb says the other day.  Am unable to comment on this, but if this maintains his love for me, am prepared to go along with it.

Have faith that he will return to me and that we will have a few weeks together before he goes away again.  This bit is very difficult, but at least I know that am in his mind, even during meditation.

Now that Seb and my brother are away, can watch Springwatch, without anyone telling me that it is not good television.   So am enjoying the stoats and badgers and so on.

Attached photo is a surprise gladiolus who appeared on my walk to the gym.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2015.  By Robert Thorogood.  An original Death In Paradise mystery.


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