“Hope all’s going well my sweet?” Seb’s message comes through at 5.15pm.  “Very nice here.  The soft sound of the crickets has replaced the intense cicadas and it’s a lovely peaceful night.   Lots of love xxx.”

Have just been crying about how miserable I am, but must pull self together to compose a cheerful message back.  Oh I wish he was here and I could cuddle him.

“Ah good!  Sounds lovely,” I say.  “Am with parentals and fluffy monster.  Have been out on bike ride with Dad and we are going out for dinner soon.  Sending lots of love xxx.”

There.  That sounds fine.  Miss him so much.

“Is it OK if I stay today and tonight and go back to the flat tomorrow?” I ask Mum on my return from cycling this morning.

Mum is chopping up some spring onions to put in a salad.

“Yes, of course it is darling,” she says.  “I don’t want you to be at the flat on your own if you’re miserable.  Here, chop this up.”  She hands me an avocado.

“I’m not going to be any danger to myself if my mood is low,” I say, scoring half the avocado, scooping it out.  “It’s if my mood is up you need to worry and…”

“I worry about you being on your own in this state,” Mum says, chopping a radish.  “Sometimes I wonder which is worse, but I worry about you in both states.”

“It’s much worse for me being miserable,” I say.

“I know, darling,” Mum says.  “You can come to your aunty and uncle tonight with us.  It will be nice.”

The panther is lying on the kitchen worktop, drinking the water that is dripping out of the tap.  He likes doing this.

The attached photo is my fluffy monster in the garden earlier.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2014.  By Moira McKinnon.  Murder mystery set in Australia just after the Great War.


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