Night Of The Jaguar*

Back at the flat and am going to write this now, before my afternoon sleep, as when wake up will need to:

1.  Unload dishwasher.

2.  Put washing away.

3.  Make supper: probably The Omelette.

4.  Prepare self for the Office tomorrow.

The panther lies sprawled across my bed, taking up most of it.  Am curled up into a tiny corner.

“Where does the panther go when he’s not with you?” Mum says yesterday, whilst we’re watching television.

“I don’t know, he doesn’t tell me,” I say.  “He just turns up, after months away, with no explanation or…”

“Look!” Mum says, pointing to the screen.  And there he is: in a Jaguar advert with Tom Hiddleston – prowling around, shiny and black with huge teeth.

“So that’s where he’s been, filming that advert,” I say.  Glancing over at the panther on the other sofa: he doesn’t even acknowledge himself on the television.

But now we know his secret.

Attached photo is a swan who we saw on today’s bike ride.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2009.  By Michael Gruber.  Supernatural thriller.


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