Echo Park*

Sitting in the park, in the sun, I smear sun cream all over my arms and chest.  The panther lies under the shade of a palm tree.  The alcoholics sit on their benches and don’t bother me.  And suddenly I feel a surge of happiness: despite my low mood, despite Seb being away, despite how bad so many things are in my life.  I’m happy to be sitting in the sun, at last, after two summers of having to cover up all the time because of the treatment.  I’m happy that it’s still summer.  I’m happy that Seb is my boyfriend – after all these years of hoping I’d get him back.  I’m happy that I’ve survived more than two years of cancer treatment and that I’m still able to work for a couple of days per week.  I’m happy that I’m able to write this blog and that all of you are reading it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


*2015.  By Michael Connelly.  A Harry Bosch detective novel.



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