Railway To The Grave*

The train chugs along its track.  It shakes, rumbles and squeaks.  The sounds and the rolling motion lull me into a sense of calm.  All I have to do now is sit here until it is time to alight.

There’s Buddleia all along the tracks: growing out of walls and over fences.  Apparently this invader is a problem for the railways, I read in an article.  It damages overhead power lines and signals.  It looks beautiful though: with its clumps of purple flowers that bees and butterflies love.

Little Suitcase is adorable and it’s great to be able to wheel him around.  Unfortunately he has to be carried up and down steps and there have been a lot of them today.

Dressed self in gym trousers, fit flops and gym top but have just changed into short flowery dress.  It’s hot and have been sweating.  Didn’t manage a bath last night or this morning, but have purchased some wipes at the station.  

Applied a base coat to nails so they are  a bit less horrible.  

Little Suitcase is bulging.  Can’t remember now what have packed.  It will be exciting to find out when I reach my destination.  Am really pleased with self for making this journey alone.  It’s one that I’ve done many times before, but haven’t felt up to it over the last couple of years since my breast cancer treatment started.

As the fields roll past, am content.  It will do me good to get away, I think.  As soon as have written this am going to read Feral by George Monbiot, which Seb loves and which he wants to discuss with me on his return.  Missing my love so much.

Attached photo is a hanging basket near the office.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2010.  By Edward Marston.  Part of The Railway Detective series.


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