The Omelet Murder Case*

Seb still loves me, I think, and a warm glow suffuses my whole self.   As long as we are together, nothing is that bad.  Can’t wait to see him and cuddle him and talk to him.  Can’t wait to cook him The Omelette.  Haven’t managed to learn to cook any new dishes, but after nearly a month in the Thai jungle, he will appreciate The Omelette.

Soon he will be here and then we can continue watching Mad Men.  We can return to the Zoo and see the tiger cubs.  We can go to the seaside.  

The main thing I’m looking forward to though is just talking to him and being in the same room as him and putting my arms round him.  Love that boy so much.  Am so lucky that we are together.

Continuing the hanging baskets theme: here are some more from a different pub near the Office.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1998.  By Tim Kelly.  “A murderous spoof in one act.”


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