The Cat Who Went Up The Creek*

“Meow meow meow,” I hear as I wake up from my afternoon sleep.  The whimpering sound is coming from the garden.  It’s raining out there.

Pulling some shorts on, hauling myself through to the lounge, I see Dad dozing in his chair.

“Dad, have you seen the fluffy monster,” I say.  “I can hear him crying.”

“He’s not in here,” Dad says.

There’s nothing for it but to pull some shoes on and to brave the rain.

And there he is, bedraggled, his beautiful orange coat all stuck to him.

“Come on Mr Fluffy,” I say.  

He looks at me, shakes his head and slinks off under the swinging chair.

“You don’t really want to be out here in the rain, do you?” I say, picking him up and carrying him into the house.

He’s now drying himself under the piano.  Photo attached.

Argh had better go: my friend has just arrived…

Happy Friday everyone!
*2003.  By Lilian Jackson Brawn.  Number 24 in ‘The Cat Who’ detective series.

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