Gun, With Occasional Music*

Despite the presence of the panther, there are some good things happening:

  1.  There were artichokes in the market today again.  Bought four.
  2.  Am at my Office.
  3.  Just met up with a friend for coffee.
  4.  Am wearing a bright pink dress which looks pretty.  Haven’t worn it for a while.  Is good to have rediscovered it in the wardrobe.
  5. Seb left a message on the answerphone in the flat yesterday (who knows why he didn’t try my mobile), so he has not forgotten me.
  6. Will see my Seb in less than a week.
  7. Have some fun events planned for this week.
  8.  My hair is almost shoulder length now and looks OK today.
  9. The fluffy monster is perfect in every way.
  10. It is sunny.

The attached photo is a mother and baby elephant who we saw at the safari park.  Think the baby is called Scott.

Happy Monday everyone!


*1994.  By Jonathan Lethem.   A blend of science fiction and hardboiled detective fiction.

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