Work. Rest. Repeat*

It’s a grey day and the first leaves have started to fall.  Autumn is on its way.  Must make the most of what remains of the summer, I tell myself.

Am glad Seb wasn’t in Bangkok yesterday when there was a bomb.  He has to return through there though.  Wish he would just hurry up and come home.  Want to cuddle him.  He must be sick of the scorpions and leeches by now.

Have achieved my two days of work, and that’s no mean feat with the panther sprawled all over my desk.

“You can’t do your work,” he says, chewing my biro to dust.  “Your boss is going to sack you.”

“Be quiet,” I tell him.  “I need to concentrate on my important work.”

Somehow I make it through the two days, despite his efforts to distract me.  So that is something.  Am proud of myself.

At home there are artichokes waiting…

The attached photo is the fluffy monster attempting to squeeze through a window in the roof.  He didn’t manage to, I’m afraid.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2014.  By Frank Tayell.  “A post-apocalyptic detective novel.

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