Bangkok Haunts*

“Here,” Seb says, handing me a little black bag.  “I bought you something.”  We’ve consumed The Omelette and I still can’t quite believe that he’s here: sitting at my dining table, wearing his grey t-shirt.  My darling boyfriend.

“Wow, thank you darling,” I say, taking it from him.  Pulling out a box, I open it.  It’s a pair of gold earrings studded with sapphires.  “They’re beautiful,” I say.  You can see them in the attached photo.

“Wait a minute,” he says, holding the open box up to my ear.  “Ah yes, they’re going to look lovely on you…I wasn’t sure in the shop but…”

“I love them,” I say kissing him on the cheek, putting my arms round him, breathing in his scent-of-sweaty-man.  “I’ll need to get my ears pierced again though…had to take all my earrings out for one of my scans and the holes closed up.  I’m sure I can get that done in the village.”

The excitement of my brother’s departure and Seb’s arrival sends me to sleep for twelve hours.  Now, before we set off to meet his Mum, need to:

1.  Wash self and hair.

2.  Clean lenses.

3.  Pack.

4.  Find something to wear that’s suitable for this torrential rain.

As I write this, Seb is doing some administrative tasks connected with his university course.

“I feel so happy and relaxed to be here with you,” he says, getting up from the computer, putting his arms round me.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2008.  By John Burdett.  Book three in the mystery thriller series starring Royal Thai Police Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep.

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