Sitting in a cafe with Seb, consuming porridge and coffee.  Seb is reading The Times.   After a quick romp through Times 2, decide that writing a blog is a better use of my limited mental energy.

At 12.30pm – in thirty minutes – we are going to get my ears pierced.  Let’s hope that it doesn’t hurt too much, or at least that am able to be brave-and-inspirational about it.  Do not want to make a fuss in front of Seb.  Anyway: have to do it so can wear the new earrings.

It’s great to be by the sea again.  It’s also cold and windy.  Outside, the rain falls down in sheets.  People scurry past under umbrellas.  Am wearing gym trousers and trainers and even a light jacket.  Seb is wearing his navy and grey checked shirt and jeans and looks gorgeous.

Attached photo is the fluffy monster’s uncle.  We saw him at Seb’s Mum’s house yesterday.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2008.  By Ryu Murakami.  Psychological thriller.

9 thoughts on “Piercing*

  1. The fluffy monster’s uncle is gorgeous – blue mitted with nose blaze? You just can’t beat a ragdoll. I’ve been away on holiday and am now catching up on two weeks of your blog. Was the Safari Whipsnade zoo? Glad Seb is back and the world is a beautiful place again.

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